Who We Are

Nice to smell you,

My name is Sky. I am your host and chief editor of HoundToday.

Me and my human roommates will tell you everything you need to know about retired racing greyhounds.

Wanna know more?

Before my retirement, I was an exeptionally fast Irish racing greyhound. My former trainer said, I achieved 16.36s over 300yds in Kilkenny! Not quite sure what that actually means, but hey – I got that rabbit more than once!

These days, there is still nothing else that I love more, than running around as fast as I possibly can. Despite being retired, I am by far the fastest hound around. Challenge me!

My favourite treats

What can I say? I take after my humans…

Why we do what we do

I want to let the people know that us ex racing greyhounds make fabulous pets! Many of us are looking for the perfect forever-home to transition to after our time on the racetrack is over. My hoomans are helping me spread the message by providing information about diet, training, health, and the adoption process. You might notice that a lot of the information on our site is specific to greyhounds and other sighthounds, but we love all kinds of dogs – and that’s why a lot of the tips and tricks we’ve included are able to be used for any of my canine cousins!


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