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Here is another kind of dog which, for his incredible swiftness, is called Leporarius, a greyhound, which is embued with no less strength than lightness […and is] ordained for the game of hunting.”

– Dr. Caius (1570), Gazehounds: The Search for the Truth

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dog nutrition
All About Nutrition

You get out what you put in! Discover different meal options for your canine friend in our Nutrition Blog

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Health Is Wealth

Learn how to take care of minor injuries and maximize your hound's wellbeing in our Health Blog

Wagging Tales

We'll feature your very own greyhound lovestory in our Blog!

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Frisbee Catch Greyhound
Excercise & Enrichment

Training equals bonding time. Dig into ways to enrich and stimulate your dog. Our Training Blog is here to inspire you.

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Maintenance & Care

It's crucial to keep your retired athlete in tip-top condition. Learn nail trimming, coat maintenance, oral care, and more.

from racetrack to retirement

Where did my fast friend come from? Who raised them? What was life like before adoption?

All questions, which we wanted for when adopting!

A glance into the world of your fast friend’s past will help you better understand your new roommate.

care to share?

We're working on an article that will give adopters a behind-the-scenes look at the greyhound racing industry. If you're a trainer, kennelhand, or owner of an active racing greyhound, we would be delighted to hear your stories!

adopt a greyhound!

Whether you are…

…you will find useful information in our Greyhound Adoption Blog!

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