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cooked homemade dog food

Cooking for your dog: Here’s a DIY dog food recipe

There’s lots of benefits to home cooked dog food. You get to choose exactly what ingredients go into it, you can adapt the diet to your budget, and it’s simple to cater to your dog’s individual needs. We share with you how to DIY a nutritionally complete meal for your greyhound including links to international DIY dog food suppliers.

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how to make bone broth for greyhound dog

How to make bone broth for your greyhound

This homemade bone broth soup recipe is an amazing supplement to your greyhound’s diet. It boosts your dog’s immune system, can relieve joint pain, and contains important nutrients and minerals for a healthy digestion.

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Golden Paste For Greyhound Health

Looking for a natural food additive to boost your greyhound’s health? Golden Paste is a powerful antioxidant and a superb supplement that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

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