10 Reasons To Adopt A Retired Racing Greyhound

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Picture of Sky


Chief Editor

Looking for the perfect dog to adopt? Here's 10 great reasons why you should adopt a retired racing greyhound. See why an ex-racer could be your top match!

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Whether you’re looking to adopt a retired racing greyhound yourself, or just interested in learning more about the breed, here’s a list of some of the top attributes to keep in mind:

Reason 10

Greyhounds are

They have a short, light coat that requires minimal grooming to keep it looking great. They clean themselves (like cats!) and tend to have less dog-odour as their coats aren't oily.

Reason 9

Greyhounds are

You won't find greyhounds winning any marathons! The breed prefers short to medium distance excercise, complemented by sprints (zoomies) whenever possible.

Reason 8

Greyhounds are
champion snoozers

Greyhounds enjoy a nice sleep almost as much as a good run. It's not uncommon for a greyhound to spend up to 18 hours a day snoozing peacefully.

Reason 7

Retired greyhounds are mature

Or, at least full-grown! When you adopt a retired racer, the dog you see is what you're gonna get - the dogs have already developed their own unique personality and temperament.

Reason 6

Greyhounds are

Racing greyhounds are bred for performance, not aesthetics. Therefore, they don't suffer from many common genetic defects and heritable diseases that can plague other breeds.

Reason 5

Greyhounds are

Despite their size, greyhounds tend to be more docile than most other breeds. Greyhounds are not known to be excessive barkers, but rather quiet and can make great apartment dogs.

Reason 4

Greyhounds are

They adapt easily to a variety of different lifestyles and living circumstances. Greyhounds do appreciate some routine in their lives, but this is something you can work out together.

Reason 3

Retired racers are

Once they leave the track, the dogs are given a thorough health-check before being deemed eligible for adoption.

Reason 2

Retired racers have great manners

The dogs are handled and taught by trainers from an early age on. Don't be surprised if your greyhound has a good understanding of basic obedience commands and is quick to learn new ones.

Reason 1

You get to choose your new best friend!

Greyhounds come in a variety of sizes, colours, and temperaments. Adoption agencies work as matchmakers, helping you find the perfect dog to fit your life.

Why did you adopt a greyhound?

Let us know why YOU decided to adopt a retired racing greyhound and we will feature you in our ‘Wagging Tales’ section

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