Can Greyhounds Swim? A Guide To Life Jackets

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A dip in fresh water on a hot summer day - what a feeling! But, can greyhounds swim? Find out and read about the best greyhound life jackets.

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A dip in fresh water on a hot summer day may just be one of the best feelings out there. Even better, if you can bring your fast friend with you, right? But wait…

Can Greyhounds Swim?

The short answer is yes… but: Keep in mind, that greyhounds are very lean dogs with little body fat compared to other breeds. Combined with their very short hair, this makes them less buoyant than regular dogs. That means, that they have to struggle way more to keep their heads above the surface which tires them out far more quickly. While other breeds are able to swim over a prolonged period of time with ease, a greyhound will easily be exhausted after just a minute or so. Therefore, you have to keep a very close eye on your fast friend, when you bring them to your watering hole of choice – else they may drown if not helped or wearing an appropriate flotation device. After all, greyhounds are sprinters, not marathon runners, remember?

This being said, a swim in fresh water is a great way to not only cool your dog, but also exercise its whole body. As with humans, aqua therapy i.e. swimming, is a low-impact sport that activates and strengthens every muscle. In order to support your greyhound while swimming, you can make it wear a dog life jacket to help with buoyancy.

Which Dog Life Jackets will fit my greyhound?

As we all know though, greyhounds come in funny shapes – their slim yet long build, combined with their deep chests make it hard to find fitting apparel. That’s why most regular dog life jackets won’t properly fit an adult greyhound. We’ve been through trial and error, and want to provide you with a comprehensive list of life jackets that we’ve found to fit our oddly shaped friends pretty well!

Life Jackets for greyhounds

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Have fun paddling around with your fast friend! To be fully prepared for the hot summer months, read up on our Blog Post about Greyhounds coping with heat. For more content on summer fun, check out our Exercise & Enrichment Blog.

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